Audition Information



An audition is required of all prospective Rutgers Summer Acting Conservatory Participants.  In-person (live) and video audition options are available.  A non-refundable audition fee of $55 is required.  Please click here to pay your registration fee.


  • Audition:
    • Acting Track: 2 contrasting monologues, no longer than four minutes total, and a 15-minute interview at the end.
    • Musical Theater Track: 1 monologue, no longer than 2 minutes, a FULL song and 15-minute interview at the end.
  • Essay: Why do you want to be an actor? What are your goals as an actor and how will attending the RSAC program help you attain those goals?
  • Recommendation Letters:
    • ALL STUDENTS (Acting & Musical Theater) need 1 recommendation from an acting teacher, acting coach or drama club supervisor who has worked with them for at least a year.
    • Musical Theater students need 1 recommendation from a dance teacher who has worked with them for at least a year.
Audition Dates:
  • TBD

For those that live outside the tri-state area, virtual and video auditions are also accepted. You can e-mail your video audition to the program’s Associate Director Jade Cintron or you may mail your video to the following address:

Rutgers Summer Acting Conservatory
Rehearsal Hall, Room 101
85 George Street,
New Brunswick, NJ  08901

What To Expect on Audition Day!
1. Meet the Directors – Marshall Jones III (Director) & Jade Cintron (Associate Director)
2. Audition
3. Directors will ask you questions about your piece and discuss your choices and process.
4. Interview about your professional/collegiate motives and hobbies.
5. Done!
The entire audition usually takes about half an hour. Please arrive on time and ready to work!